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Who We Are?

Pittaara is a gathering of specialists who enlighten you concerning the best day to day existence items, so you don’t need to invest your valuable energy on research. The site was established in AUGUST 2019.

We examination, read, and test for a really long time (very long time at this point) for the best items in every class that appears to be significant. We show it to you in our aides with audits and examination tables for simple decision making.

Our way of thinking is basic: We just need to show the coolest stuff you can find and purchase on the web. We are not keen on spamming any exhausting or faltering items at you – when you visit Pittaara.com you’ll just see fascinating, imaginative, and intermittently exceptionally odd items.

Numerous things recorded on this site do return a little commission for item reference, but this isn’t the sole inspiration for including a thing. Our staff consistently records items that we get definitely no remuneration for. We don’t convey any of the items recorded on the site, nor do we straightforwardly sell anything.

Does Pittaara Make Money?

Despite the fact that we’re as of now centered around our client experience we likewise bring in cash to keep the assistance running. We do this in two ways: Advertising and Affiliate accomplices. You’ll see promotions around our site for the two retailers and brands, now and again a retailer will pay us on the off chance that you purchase something at their store (their method of recognizing the job we’ve played in assisting you with arriving at a buying choice) and here and there they simply pay us assuming you click over to them to peruse around. Assuming that you do wind up purchasing an item through our administration you have our most unimaginable thanks as you’ve in a roundabout way assisted us with making the following round of enhancements.

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